Thursday, October 7, 2021

Sciatica Pain Relief + Recovery with Somatics Yoga

If you’re feeling pain in your back, and are looking for a solution, you have come to the right place. This pain might be Sciatica and with my years of training and expertise, I can help you heal and recover, and most importantly, live a healthy happy life.

How to know if it’s Sciatica?

It’s simple as the fact that if you’ve had it you just know. It’s a pain in the spine, that radiates from the lower back down to the hip and leg. The pain becomes worse when sitting, and makes the leg feel numb with pain. For extreme cases, one might feel difficulty in moving the leg itself. All of this is caused by the Sciatic nerve – the largest nerve in your body that runs form your spine all the way down to your leg.

Most of the time, Sciatica is the result of a herniated disc. On fewer occasions, its something even more severe like tumours or degenerative disease.

But the most common reason of it all, is just normal day to day imbalances. If you’re staying sitting for too long, have the wrong posture etc. without acting on fixing it, and gain a tight lower back, it becomes the #1 reason in developing sciatica.

Some warning signs of sciatica to look out for include –

Persistent lower back tightness

Mild tingling or occasional numbness in the leg, foot, or toes

Imbalanced body mechanics or posture, such as functional uneven leg length or scoliosis

How Somatics Yoga can help:

Somatics Yoga is slow, intentional movements that help restore your muscles by re-educating your nervous system. Since it is so slow, and not high-impact, people of all ages and fitness levels can do this. You can do this without straining yourself or hurting yourself further. It connects your mind to your body, and your body to your mind. When these two communicate well with each other, it becomes easier to be more mobile, improve balance, and reduce pain. 

Things like Sciatica can be solved, slowly and gently with Somatics Yoga. So you can heal, and live a strong healthy life like you deserve to.

Friday, October 1, 2021

Fitness Myth Busting with Hina Sampat

Many people have wrong assumptions about what keeps their body fit, and active. A lot of us keep up with the latest fitness trends, even workout regularly, but at the end of the day, we’re still sore, right, and something or the other just feels wrong.

Today we are debunking myths about fitness.

MYTH #1: No Pain = No Problem

Your muscles over time get tighter and tighter over the years. Resistance training only rapidly increases the speed. The years of tightness keeps building up. So even when you feel no pain, doesn’t mean you have no problem. Have you ever suddenly hurt your back? Or suddenly your knee gave up one day? It happened randomly, right? Not really. It was the result of this unforeseen tightness.

MYTH #2: Stretching is the answer to the problem

Stretching doesn’t solve all issues. Especially static stretching. Yes, it might elongate some muscle fibres, but those are not the deep, affected muscle fibres. So the effort will barely make a difference.

MYTH #3: Massages/chiropractic sessions can solve the pain

When dealing with pain, massages or chiropractic sessions may help you, sure. But it won’t resolve your pain. We should be preventing this pain from happening in the first place. And the answer to that is not massages. It is intentional, deliberate movement. Like Somatics. Or Yoga. Best of all, SomaticsYoga.

Contact me for a free consultation, and get to know more about how to keep your body fit without falling for myths.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Exercising for post natal recovery

After the birth of your baby, your body goes through big changes. Your  abdominal muscles need recovery, your back is susceptible to injury, your abdominal organs can also shift forward due to a lack of support. Then there is also the case of wanting to go back to your previous body shape.
Postnatal Somatics plays a vital role in your recovery. Exercising, especially Somatics, has many health benefits. These are all the more important to new moms as they assist with weight loss, fitness, muscle recovery, toning, and even boost your mental & psychological wellbeing.

  • Help restore muscle strength, and restores the body's firmness.
  • Increases your energy levels, making you less tired.
  • Helps shed weight.
  • Is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness.
  • Targets and conditions the weakest abdominal muscles 
  • Very importantly, it aids in preventing postpartum depression and alleviates stress.

A few advantages of Postnatal Somatics -

A question that naturally arises at this point is, when can you start exercising again?

The answer is simple. Gentle exercises like walking can generally be started as soon as one wants, after giving birth. It depends from woman to woman. Consult a doctor to see if you've recovered enough to start exercising. Usually, the time of
recover is 6 weeks. If you had a caesarean birth, a difficult birth, or complications, it may take a little longer to feel ready to start exercising. It's recommended to start lightly and avoid high impact sports.

Creating time for postnatal exercise -

When you're caring for a newborn, finding time for physical activity can be challenging. Some days you may simply feel too tired for a full workout. But that doesn't mean that you should put aside physical activity. Here are a few things you can try -

  • Exercise with friends or family. Company is great!
  • Keep your baby around while exercising. Like, while you do abdominal exercises on the floor, keep your baby next to you.
  • Break down the exercises into ten minute chunks through the day.
  • Don't be too hard on yourself. Remember, this has bee a big shift. You will take time.
  • Take your baby for walks, if you've completely missed exercising.

For everything, I am here to help. I will take sessions with you to guide you, take you to your best self, and help you recover. With years of experience and knowledge, I can assist you in the way you and your baby need. Feel free to get in touch with me for more information

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Somatics for expecting moms

Somat­ic Train­ing is a term applied to a way of work­ing WITH the body. So you understand yourself better. Today there are many types of Somatics. Like it is used by pro­fes­sion­al dance com­pa­nies, pro­fes­sion­al sports teams and ath­letes to improve per­for­mance and pre­vent injury. One more use of Somatics is helping you during Pregnancy as a form of prenatal care.

For your pregnancy, it is important that you and the baby feel one. As your body changes you need to be aware of everything going on. And this can be very difficult. This is where Somatics can help. In your rapidly changing world, Somatics slows it down and helps you understand yourself and your child better.

So how do we work during the prenatal period? By training your mind. The mind can have a profound effect on the body and our health, going as far as to say that the mind can heal the body. You just need to awaken your inner chakras. This is the sense that tells you all you need to know about space: the space inside your body...the space around you. Introducing a pregnant woman to feeling space, body breathing, and positive messaging is an effective way to wake up and empower her inner chakras. And, trusting your chakras is essential for the pre and perinatal journey. Having children brings many unique challenges and stresses that often surprise parents. While practicing muscular release exercises may not be the first thing you’d think of as a way to deal with these stresses, Clinical Somatics exercises reduce stress levels, makes you more present, and helps you deal with both the physical and emotional challenges of having a child. How do we do this? In a few ways like - 

  1. Feeling Space - Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your body. Take a tour of your body. See where you feel the stress. See where it feels different. Know yourself.
  1. Body Breathing - When you breathe through your body, you live in the present moment. Then with every inhale and exhale you are able to let go of the tensions and stresses. Body breathing helps a mom-to-be relax at the moment. As the pregnancy advances and the uterus begins to crowd the front, the back and side ribs expand to allow more breathing space.  So when you’re pregnant and doing somatics, you create a rhythmic flow with your child with your breaths. This makes you one with your child and leaves the infant very comfortable. There’s a reason that birthing coaches encourage women to practice breathing and body-centered meditation in preparation for labor and delivery.
  1. Strengthening Core Muscles and the Pelvic Floor -  For all the pressure created in the body as the baby makes space, the core muscles need to be strengthened for stronger breathing. Somatics helps create proper core balance. Also, just as important is managing the tight back muscles along with the inactive abdominal muscles. New moms often face this issue, making them stand with an arched back that hurts their hips, spine, and stomach. So Somatics helps fix this as well.
  1. Posture correction - As the mother’s body changes, the posture adapts for the baby. But it is important to revert to the original correct posture to reduce stress, and ease recovery. With a balanced posture, new moms can take care of their baby all day long without feeling fatigued, or face stress.
  1. And Beyond  - Beyond this, there are many exercises that I will take you through to make you feel healthy and fit. You can contact me today for a free consultation and know more. All my contact details are on my blog.

Saturday, June 19, 2021


Those who get frequent headaches will know, a migraine is a disorienting problem that almost defies description. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here to know more about it. Apart from experiencing pain on one or both sides—which often begins with a sharp know at the base of your neck —you feel like your head is going to just blast. The smallest movements hurt. There's a pounding in the head that feels almost blinding and crippling. And then, your symptoms can be felt throughout your body. During an episode, the sufferer can become really sensitive to light, and sound as well. Then there's nausea, vomiting, sweating, chills, diarrhea, and mood changes. 

If all of this sounds familiar, carry on reading. We’ve got something for you.

There are 2 big reasons for your headache. One is our repetitive daily movements. Like the way you move, or sit, or stand. That is your posture. In these muscles needed for continuous movement, we end up building tension The other main reason is of course, as seen a lot in this fast-paced world - stress. It’s hard to imagine, but our muscles tense up even with psychological stress. Believe it or not, it’s a fact.

Many headaches, including tension, sinus, and migraines, can be healed during our Somatics session. We help reduce muscular tension wherever you may store it. Be it your neck, jaw, or even your shoulders and back. It helps you gently take the power of your own health, so you can regain the life you have without migraines. Because with Somatics you learn to be present in the moment. Too feel each and every movement and sensation in the body and learn how to let it go completely. That way, you can let go of the migraine as well. With our somatics classes, we do particular movements that will help solve your headache issues. 

First, we’ll close your eyes. and then with your hands behind your neck, you will turn your head to the side and raise it ever so slowly. As slowly as you possibly can. Feel it. Feel the movement completely. Simply by helping you notice the areas of your neck, head, etc wherever there is stiffness or tightness, we will let it go slowly and steadily.  And come back. Continue this 5 times by turning your head to the left and right every round. 

But this is a very small step of the entire procedure we will take you through. It’s a part of a huge process. And to know the perfect way to do this, plus to experience the rest of the session, contact me today for a free consultation session and see the magic yourself.

Sciatica Pain Relief + Recovery with Somatics Yoga

If you’re feeling pain in your back, and are looking for a solution, you have come to the right place. This pain might be Sciatica and with ...