Tuesday, September 26, 2023

 Are you listening to your bodies voice?

Life often makes us put our pain aside in order to push ourselves forward. 

We are too busy to stop, and check in with our body, too conscious of missing our exercise class because we will get ‘fat’ or we will be seen as lazy, and weak. 

There is too much pressure to keep going, to be strong and achieve results. Results we believe will only come from excruciating exercise regimens, regardless of the pain and injury it is further causing. 

Sometimes we seek results that are unattainable, unattainable because our body is barely functioning at above normal. 

Sometimes the results we chase don’t bear fruit, but we still keep going, pushing, shoving, guilting ourselves and ignoring our inner voice, the voice of our body. 

That pain you feel, that is your body begging you to breathe, rest, reset, & connect to it.

We all know that pushing forward in a stressed body only adds to the pain, and thus the mental load.

Somatic movement is all about understanding the mind-body connection. 

If we look at somatic from this perspective it starts to make sense that your pained body is affecting you mentally. We all know pain is exhausting, why? Because moving and functioning in a pained body pulls on your internal resources, causing you to get exhausted and the more you pull on your body and its reserves the more you stress it, mentally and physically. 

People often wonder how somatic aids in weight loss, something as a society we are consistently obsessed with, unfortunately!

 As you participate in somatic you ease your pain, as you ease your pain you ease your body and mental weight.As you heal that pain ,you start to see the excess weight falling off, this weight was your pain, it was your toxic mental overload, it sat with you like a comfortable blanket. 

Once you start to introspect why you were in pain, why you continue to push your body, and further stress it, you start to see your mental health gets the love and affection it needs. 

You start to see that the ease of somatic movement loosens the weight sitting on your body, and it starts to melt off. 

Somatics is not claiming to be a weight loss machine, but we all know what stress does to our body. 

When you approach somatic from the perspective of healing and connection, you start to experience the many benefits of it, decreased stress, decreased pain, better sleep, and the loosening of what we can only call sticky stress weight.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Our client feels the ground beneath his feet for the first time in 45 years

Suneer Kotian is transformed in 6 months of somatic movement with Hina Sampat. 

Monday, March 20, 2023

 The love effect of somatics

As I healed my body my depression lifted and my confidence increased. 


Looking back it felt like depression specifically of the body, loss of love for a body that had carried me all my life, the disengagement with my body, halted my ability to connect with it. 

The lack of love kept me in a perpetual loop of pain. Which in turn kept me depressed. 

Somatic movement is movement in love 

As you activate love, you release a hormone called oxytocin, a neuro inhibiting neurotransmitter, which is shown to reduce pain.

When you move your mind into a space of love, and release oxytocin, when you move your body with love you move softer, kinder, and connect deeper, you learn to fall in love with your body maybe for the first time ever.

Friday, July 29, 2022

 Reviews are always personal, but what is more personal than a review is the patient's own experience of pain.

Pain is personal

You know how the saying goes, ‘a problem shared, is a problem halved’. 

As a society we often train people to work through the pain, look past it, ignore it

The main conundrum here is if you choose to not address the actual pain, the pain will not halve but multiply until your life comes to a standstill. 

Living with pain is debilitating & overwhelming 

The ego attached to pain wants to be so right about the pain, the ego wants us to have it, eat it, sleep with it, and get absorbed by it. 

Yes, even pain has an ego

Pain, physical pain is so rarely talked of, because if we are honest we believe that we should be  stronger, push through, try harder, push push push….

Look up pain in the dictionary, it lists similar words - suffering, agony, affliction, torture, torment, discomfort, on and on…torture, let that sink in for a moment.

Pain is not borne from nothing, and that is the beauty of unraveling your body and the world it resides in through somatic yoga. When you unravel pain beneath it is trauma, heartache, stress, anxiety etc etc

And if you don't address it, and you push your pained body too far, it drops onto the next rung of the pain ladder, and your next inevitable ‘gift’ to your body is actual sickness…

This client's pain had turned into sickness, dependency on medication, and a loss of the ecstasy that is life…

<For privacy purposes lets call our client M.V.>

The last few months have been a particularly difficult time for me reaching a low rung of the ladder, losing the will for anything even small pleasures in life, which was hard for someone of general high energy. 

With the weight of everything I started suffering from chronic acidity over the last few months with burning heat coursing through my abdomen and body.

It had become disabling, draining me of sleep, energy and appetite. 

The somatics yoga therapy has been a Divine intervention

From the early sessions it started to relieve the tension in my body, making me realise how physically tight and tense I’ve been holding myself for years. 

For a start I started to sleep better. Gradually on a deeper level, in the process of the breathing with love, which Hina constantly instills in you during the sessions, it started to shift my regular breathing pattern outside the sessions. As a result it began to infuse with the energy in my daily actions which are becoming more conscious with a flavour of calm. As we progressed, I felt and feel this energy transfusing into my deeper layers. 

After many years of trying to understand self love, I am finally feeling glimpses of it. 

At that turning point, the acidity started to reduce significantly, I am off the medication, sleeping better and my being is feeling calmer and finding it’s mojo again.. 

It is a work in progress

I am Eternally grateful Hina. Thank you so much.🙏

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Healing from trauma

 Connecting with my mind, connected me to my body 

Connecting with my body connected me with every muscle and nerve. 

connecting to connect 

to heal 

to love

My trauma and pain gently nestled in every part of every muscle and nerve. 

Encasing it in my body, my ego stopping me from pushing past it. 

Pain that tells many stories.

pain from betrayal

pain from heartbreak 

pain from inadequacy

pain from abuse

My womb trauma so tight, and detached


The gateway to my whole body 


The two separate parts of my body acting as one, but both functioning in different dimensions. 

Sometimes the pain is from this life, sometimes it is passed on from generation to generation, by words, actions, doing, we subconsciously and sometimes consciously are handed this gift of trauma, trauma from previous generations, & lived trauma. 

my trauma sat energetically in my body 


I pushed my body to its limits 

I sought perfection

my body ego fandangled my mind ego into letting it take over

my body broke down for me. 

I hurt my body 

my trauma taught me how 

Surrender to the ego in your mind, will surrender the ego in your body & allow consciousness to spread.



Friday, April 1, 2022

5 benefits of meditation

We have all heard it before. Meditating is not for me! It’s too frustrating and hard. It only is the reflection of how cacophonic our lives sometimes feel. We are often trying to get someplace quiet or leave meditation for vacations is sometimes the only option left.
Everybody who starts off meditating always has a question. How does this work?  is thinking getting in the way of meditating? Oh, wait no, I can’t meditate. But the beauty of meditation is the fact that even just taking out 5-10 mins in a day to relax your mind or to even give it a center can do wonders!
Meditation helpin bringing your mind and body aware of what you are feeling in the present. To be able to distinguish your emotions as well as give yourself permission to feel truly in the moment and recognize it. 
Here are 5 amazing benefits of Meditation

Focusing on the present -
While this might seem a really cliched point. It’s 100 percent on the money. At the beginning of Meditations, you could feel jittery or distracted by thoughts. But the idea is to just observe them and notice how you feel in the present 

Solving problems and creativity -
Meditation has been said to lead to higher brain integration, thanks to breathwork and concentration. Even if it is just for 10 mins, it helps you be calmer in situations that might be stressful and be able to deal with it better.

Meditation helps in easing pain -
Meditations such as Mindfulness meditation have been known to help with chronic discomfort such as neck and back pain, arthritis, recurring headaches. Meditation helps in opening up your senses, it helps in isolating and relieving parts of your body and mind that feel or are knotted.

Meditation helps you heal faster -
meditation may help to restore the body’s balance. It helps you to align yourself and your mind so it can work better for you. You must be familiar with “what you eat is what you become” well adding meditation to this diet only has pros!
Meditation helps you sleep better -
Sleep is one thing that human beings love and seem to be running away from it quite often. Just 10 mins of meditation before you go to sleep helps you relax your body and allows you to fall asleep faster.
Hope these benefits help you in some way in your meditation journey. At Somaticayoga, you get guided somatics sessions, which is a meditative and mindful form of exercises. If you're interested in meditating, reach out to me by commenting here or emailing me at somaticayoga@gmail.com, and I will guide yoy through your mind.

Saturday, February 26, 2022


 I am incredibly pleased today to be able to share with you a testimonial from a very special client of mine. Words like hers continue to motivate and inspire me everyday. I am so happy to be on this journey and to be able to help people along the way. To anyone reading this, if you are in pain do read this and spark the change in your life today.

“When Hina walked into my life it was like an angel from somewhere beyond my imagination, silvery sparkly hair like a halo on her head. 
To heal.
To help. 
To connect. 

Connecting with the muscles in my body, connected me to the pain and stories that lay within every fiber of those muscles. 
I am often told to ground myself, but sometimes these pieces of free, have little meaning when you are in the middle of an ungrounded storm of sorts.
Grounding yourself is different for everyone.
I needed to ground myself in my body, to reach my pain and through intentional, slow, impactful movement through somatic yoga I could start to heal. 

Hina’s gentle, positive yet loving touch can heal even the most skeptical among us.
My pain felt like a birthing story. Literal contractions, legs raised and spread ready to deliver. Though I am not with baby. 
It is possible I am / was having a literal re-birth of myself. 
Hina is the doula I didn’t know my body needed.”

I am grateful for her kind and moving words. This journey with her has just begun, and as a life’s accumulation of trauma slowly starts to fade away I am excited to see how see blooms like a flower turning to the sunlight. Here’s a photo of her looking peaceful in between her somatics session with me. Notice how calm she looks. 

 Are you listening to your bodies voice? Life often makes us put our pain aside in order to push ourselves forward.  We are too busy to stop...